Decorating restaurants, bars and rooms in a hunting style.

The "Eho" studio can suggest decorating restaurants, bars and other premises in a hunting style and also assistance in working out design projects.

Maybe, you've realized your dream having opened your own hunting style restaurant or having built your own cottage. Now you are ready to decorate a trophy room, but you are uncertain of its interior design. Don't be upset, we will solve your problems!

Our designers will take into consideration all your desires and will try to solve all your problems on planning the interior design.

The "Eho" studio specialists have realized numerous projects: restaurants, bars, hunters' rooms and many other premises.

We will help to find and realize a dream of any hunter even the most extravagant one!

We are looking forward to your visits!

Village Kolyadichi, Minsk district, Belarus
tel: (+375-17) 506-30-95, (+375-29) 626-34-22, (+375-29) 851-24-35
e-mail: [email protected]

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