About the company.

The studio "Eho" appeared in 2001 and at the very beginning it made a good showing among clients, which allowed it to obtain its place on the taxidermy market. It turned to be possible due to our using modern materials and the latest developments in the area of taxidermy as well as to conscientious and well-organized work of our specialists.

Our craftsmen treat their job not as a routine profession but as a certain art, because a good taxidermist is a person who loves and understands the animal life and also has a refined artistic flair. We rarely take part in the international contests, but the trophies, to which we gave the second life are becoming parts of private collections practically all over the world. At the same time we communicate and cooperate with the best foreign craftsmen and we are up on the latest taxidermy achievements.

It must be noted that the "Eho" studio does not possess a large factory and a numerous staff. We prefer an individual approach to every client but not a conveyor-like production and an inexperienced apprentice will never spoil your trophy.

We do not waste your money on organizing receptions and hiring managers in business suits, but if you feel nostalgia for the times when everything was cheap but quick, we are not the right choice. If you appreciate a high-quality work and reasonable prices we are glad to welcome your trophies and you.

We accept orders for making trophies in Minsk, Moscow and Snt.-Petersburg.

With best regards, the studio "Eho".

Village Kolyadichi, Minsk district, Belarus
tel: (+375-17) 506-30-95, (+375-29) 626-34-22, (+375-29) 851-24-35
e-mail: [email protected]

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