Examples of work on the manufacture of full-sized stuffed animals, as well as trophy heads of mammals. Here you can see the following animals: wild boar, wolf, elk, bear and others.


Examples of work on making stuffed birds. Here you can see the following birds: black grouse, black goose, drake, falcon, peacock and others.

Exotic Trophies

Examples of work on making stuffed exotic trophies. Here you can see the following representatives of the fauna: buffalo, antelope, Himalayan bear and others.


Examples of work on the manufacture of carpets from animals. Here you can see carpets from the following animals: wild boar, lynx, wolf and others.


Examples of carving. Here you can see African trophies, sculptural carvings, souvenirs and medallions.


Examples of manufacturing work:
• souvenirs
• ceramics
• crafts from horns
• souvenir products
• painting

Trophy sale

Buying stuffed animals of really good quality has always been a problem, and you found the solution to this problem in our company.

Welcome to the site of the taxidermy studio “Eho”!

We are glad to see anyone who is interested in taxidermy, especially those who do not only claim themselves to be huntsmen but really are hunters. Your relatives and friends are passionate amateurs of your tales and stories about unusual hunts in the nearest wood or in an African savanna, but sometimes even they doubt in your description of new trophies. The photos can help but the best proof of your words will be a wonderful trophy made by real specialists- taxidermists. 

We are glad to pay your attention to the following services:

Trophy preparation

You’ve managed to bag an excellent trophy and you have decided to preserve it in this ideal form for ages? We’ll try to help you in it!.. (more)

Restoration and maintenance.

Every owner of a trophy is concerned with its handling and further preserving, as anybody wants to enjoy its ideal appearance for ages… (more)

Presents and Souvenirs

Nowadays taxidermy is one of the least famous branches of art. It includes not only classic taxidermy … (more)

Interior design

The “Eho” studio can suggest decorating restaurants, bars and other premises in a hunting style and also assistance in working out design projects… (more)