Trophy preparation requirements.


  • -Examine a killed bird, if there is blood on feathers, wipe it off with a tampon wetted in cold water. Place another tampon, made of cotton, nettle, juniper or other materials in a beak and in an anus.
  • - A carcass must get cold, don't put it into a plastic bag, there must be access for air. Keep a prey from dogs, don't attach it to your belt or bag.
  • - Place carefully a bird's wings, if your bird has a long neck, its head can be bend towards its breast. In that way trying not to rumple the feathers, wrap a bird in paper or put it in a woman stocking. After that place it in an impermeable bag and freeze.
  • -Being prepared like that a bird can be kept 2-3 months in a fridge.


1) Small animals: squirrels, martens etc can be easily frozen (see Birds above).

2) If you want to make a trophy head of an ungulate or some other animal:

  • - Cut off the skin a bit lower than the shoulders, forelegs being with the skin (they can be cut off at knee-joints).
  • - The skin is to be cased up to the base of a scull, if you haven't succeed, it is possible to make cuts: from below, up to the base of a scull of a wild boar, along the spine up to the base of antlers of a deer and an elk. Straight and accurate cuts are to be made in the middle of a skin.
  • - If there is a possibility to bring a trophy to our studio or freeze it at once, the head (scull) is better to leave inside the skin.
  • - - Otherwise, it is necessary to take off all the skin and thoroughly cover it with coarse salt. After the first salting you are to pour away the liquid and the first portion of salt, cover the skin with a fresh one, bend it and keep in a cool ventilated place (not in a plastic impermeable bag!).

When taking off a head, special attention is to be paid to the following peculiarities:

  • - eyelids: as much as possible tissue is to be left; cut from inside, pulling eyelids aside;
  • - nose: is to be kept intact;
  • - lips: mucous tissue is to be left;
  • - ears: cut off all the cartilage from the back side of ears.

3) Skins of medium animals (a fox, a wolf, a lynx etc) are to be cased, try to make correct cuts.

To make a one-piece trophy a cut is to be made along the spine from the base of a tail up to the base of a scull, legs are to be cut from below from a hoof (cushion) up to a knee-joint, a tail is to be cut from the base from below.

To make a carpet a skin is to be cut in the middle of a belly from an anus up to the base of a scull, legs are to be cut from a hoof (cushion) to the middle part, the skin is to be cased.

Pay attention to the following moments: a wolf skin, especially a fox skin, are to be cleared soon after an animal is killed, the tail is to be cut from below up to the middle, otherwise we can not guarantee an undamaged state of a skin. Also be sure that an anus and genitals are kept, huntsmen are used to removing them at once.

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