Making presents and souvenirs from animals

Nowadays taxidermy is one of the least famous branches of art. It includes not only classic taxidermy which implies an ability to recreate an animal in its natural appearance with an artistic accuracy, but also a new trend ? making souvenirs.

Various souvenirs, presents and other exclusive things are made in the "Eho" studio:

  • - a hedgehog-hunter, a hedgehog-fisherman;
  • - a squirrel-programmer;
  • - a hare with antlers;
  • - a chandelier made of antlers;
  • - a hall-stand made of hooves and many other wonders.

The most unusual and original ideas find their realization in our studio and even a most demanding client can find something that is to his or her liking!

Village Kolyadichi, Minsk district, Belarus
tel: (+375-17) 506-30-95, (+375-29) 626-34-22, (+375-29) 851-24-35
e-mail: [email protected]

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