Restoration and maintenance of your trophies.

Every owner of a trophy is concerned with its handling and further preserving, as anybody wants to enjoy its ideal appearance for ages.

There are no distinct terms of trophy preservation but some museum items are kept for dozens of years, a significant term of preservation being conditioned not only by a qualitative dressing and observing a precise temperature and humidity rate but also attention given to these trophies.

In a house, a cottage or an office a well dressed trophy can be kept for dozens of years, but this is possible only if some precautions are regularly taken. We are ready to help you to put your trophy in order and if it is not neglected to the last stage, our specialists will bring it to life. It is possible to ask our staff to come to your place for estimating the amount of work, for fulfilling preventive and some restoration works. In some cases it is possible to execute a complete restoration of your trophy.

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