Welcome to the site of the taxidermy studio "Eho"!

We are glad to see anyone who is interested in taxidermy, especially those who do not only claim themselves to be huntsmen but really are hunters. Your relatives and friends are passionate amateurs of your tales and stories about unusual hunts in the nearest wood or in an African savanna, but sometimes even they doubt in your description of new trophies. The photos can help but the best proof of your words will be a wonderful trophy made by real specialists- taxidermists.

Only an excellent trophy can excite rapt admiration of other hunters or even their envy and respect. After that you can frankly tell them how you have missed a really big bear for several times because of that foolish huntsman, and the stare of a 450 kilogram wild boar was full of such eternal wisdom and unbearable grief that you chose a piglet of 250 kilos.

Moments of hunt and fishing that gave you such a splendid trophy are worth capturing them for the whole life...

Should you really look for an unskillful craftsman just to save money? It is possible that somebody, especially when drunk, will be able to recognize in a distorted stuffed thing a bagged animal. But what about showing your trophy to an experienced hunter, to let your wife and children admire a gracious little roe deer and be enchanted with a dangerous beauty of a frightful mature wolf?

But the quality is worth paying. A good trophy is not a whim, not a kind of vaunt but a life principle of a real hunter. Why are there enormous queues and infinite waiting lists to the most prestigious and expensive studios all over the world? The answer is obvious: a real hunter is ready to wait for months to obtain a really good result but not a wretched imitation made in a hurry and offhand though at a low price.

It's up to you to choose specialists, our works prove our experience and quality! We wish you a good hunt and wonderful trophies! !

Village Kolyadichi, Minsk district, Belarus
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